Frequently Ask Questions.

What is ikon-1?

Ikon-1 is a collection of 8,000 images created by Nick Knight that are being sold as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). All of them are created using CGI techniques, and all of them are completely unique. No two ikon-1's are the same! You can find out more about the project by joining our Discord.

How can I purchase an ikon-1?

You can purchase an ikon-1 with Ethereum cryptocurrency using a digital wallet such as Metamask. Once you have a digital wallet with some available funds you can follow these steps to purchase an ikon-1.


If you don't have a digital wallet or any Ethereum cryptocurrency you can also purchase using a credit or debit card by following these steps (don't worry, it's pretty straightforward!).

Purchasing via card is done using a 3rd party provider, You can sign up to this service when purchasing an ikon-1 and it will place your NFT in what is known as a “custodial wallet”. This means that Crossmint is essentially just storing your NFT for you. We recommend getting your own digital wallet, such as Metamask, and then transferring the ikon-1 from Crossmint into here. But don't worry you don't need to do this immediately!

Am I just buying a jpeg?

No! Not only will you own a completely unique digital artwork by Nick Knight, but your ikon-1 will act as a ticket into the future of digital fashion, alongside Nick and SHOWstudio! Your NFT will unlock a plethora of exciting things, from providing access to your own homepage on, to unlocking unique AR digital wearables through our partnership with DRESSX. Over the coming months and years your ikon-1 will be a key that unlocks all the exciting things that we have planned as we navigate this exciting new world of "Web3.0" and digital fashion.

What will happen once I purchase an ikon-1?

The ikon-1 drop uses the "blind minting" or "delayed reveal" mechanism. This means that when you first mint an ikon-1 you will not know which ikon-1 you have received, and will instead see a "pre-reveal" image. All of these look identical in the collection until we initiate the big reveal! This will happen during the week of the 19th December. Keep an eye on our socials and in Discord to see exactly when this will be. You don't need to do anything. Your ikon-1 NFT will update automatically!

Each ikon-1 is made up of a combination of traits with the following categories:
Body type / Look (clothing) / Headpiece / Beat (Makeup) / Facewear / Jewellery / Accessories / Nails / Final Form / Final Form Material

Not all ikon-1's will have all traits. And the items within these trait categories each have a different level of rarity. So for instance, there are 102 items within the Look category, and there may only be a handful of ikon-1's with trait "X", whereas there may be a lot of ikon-1's that have trait "Y". Once the reveal has happened, you can check the level of rarity of the traits that make up your ikon-1 by viewing your NFT on sites such as Opensea.

Aren't NFT's bad for the environment?

Not all NFT's are created equally. The Ethereum Blockchain, on which ikon-1 is being released, has recently been through an overhaul. This means that it is 99.9% less energy intensive than it used to be, and the carbon emissions produced by this network are negligible.

You can find out more here.